Closing the climate gap


The rise of B2B

  • Individual action is limited due to the lack of concrete incentives.
  • Alongside consumer pressure, investor and regulatory pressures are pushing businesses to act more responsibly and lead the green transition.
  • A fast-growing group of climate leaders have already committed to action.

The importance of Scope 3

  • Consumers are particularly focused on Scope 3 in terms of the downstream / end-of-life impact as well as upstream / supply chain in relation to labour rights.
  • Investors and insurers have a focus on Scope 3 as they need to estimate how vulnerable the upstream / supply chain is to climate risk (ie. extreme weather events).
  • Regulators have so far focused on Scope 3 in terms of downstream / end-of-life with regulations on waste and single use plastics. More recently we’ve seen an increased focus on upstream / supply chain in terms of carbon emissions with European lawmakers agreeing to include shipping in the EU emissions trading system (ETS), which obliges factories, power plants and airlines to pay for their pollution.

Tools to close the gap

This map covers B2B and B2C solutions but it’s is not exhaustive. It would be great to hear your feedback, if you think anything is misplaced or a key startup missing.

Overcoming the headwinds

Change is finally coming



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